About Us

The Hospital

Chaithanya Naturopathy Hospital & Yoga Centre was founded in the year 1990 by Dr. John Mathew with a noble vision of promoting an effective, yet simplistic system of medicine among the masses. Chaithanya is a small hospital located in a serene and pollution-free environment with naturalistic beauty. Admission for in-patient treatment is restricted to 10 patients at a time. This makes it possible for us to give utmost personal care to each and every in-patient.

At Chaithanya, we offer naturopathic and yogic treatment only. No other system of medicine including Ayurveda is followed in our hospital.

The Chief Physician

Our Chief Physician – Dr. John Mathew was attracted to Naturopathy when he was healed of his chronic Asthma. This healing was a result of Naturopathic treatment, when all other medical systems had failed. He then became a disciple of Prof. Ulpalakshan, a famous Naturopath in Kerala, India. Later, he took N.D. and M.Sc. (Yoga).

Dr. John took specialization in yoga, massage and hypnotherapy. He has a rich experience of above 25 years, and has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients in India and from abroad, suffering from acute, chronic and degenerative diseases. He has also been serving as a visiting tutor all over India and in foreign countries as well. Dr. John has authored several books and is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

Awards & Recognitions

The In-house facilities

  • 1) Medical treatment under the personal supervision of the Chief Physician
  • 2) Well trained and experienced hands for all treatment procedures
  • 3) Female staff for female patients and males for males
  • 4) Air-conditioned deluxe rooms, with satellite TV
  • 5) Non-AC premium double rooms, with balcony
  • 6) Non-AC double rooms
  • 7) Non-AC single rooms
  • 8) All rooms are exclusive rooms (Only family members are permitted to share a double room)
  • 9) Free Wi-Fi connection available (No computer is provided)
  • 10) Open-air walking space in the campus
  • 11) Food compatible to the patient’s treatment is served in each room
  • 12) Health Shop in the campus for purchase of natural medicines and other necessities of treatment