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Diabetes Control - the right approach

Every April/May (21 days) [Admission limited to 10 patients on first-come-first-serve basis]
Gandhiji said, "One should become one's own doctor". His wise saying is especially true in the case of diabetic patients. Nowadays, this lifestyle disease is affecting the society extensively. Modern medical Read More...

Karkidaka Chikilsa - A Kerala Specialty Treatment

Every July/August (14 days or more)
Our ancient fathers say that medical treatment is most effective when it is undergone in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam (about mid-July to mid-August). Various naturopathic treatments are given to the participants for all-round health care. Vivamus sed iaculis velit. Read More...

Detoxification Program

Every September/October (28 days)
Diseases are often caused by toxins (foreign matter in the human body). Detoxification program helps to eliminate toxins from the body. People from all walks of life can make use of this special cleansing Read More...