Feeling the healing touch

Diseases undertaken for treatment

Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Cardiac problems, Back pain (including Disc ailments), Sneezing and Eosinophilia, Eye problems, Asthma and allergic diseases, Skin diseases including Psoriasis and Eczema, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Kidney ailments, Cancer and Tumors, Constipation, Piles and Fistula etc.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Obesity management program (Duration 14 – 90 days)

Our specialists will assess your body constitution, metabolism rate and the underlying causes of your excess weight, before prescribing a comprehensive program, supplemented by a balanced, custom diet plan. This program will make you aware of the flaws in your habits and will introduce you to a different lifestyle and to the basic rules of diet.

Diabetes control program (10 – 90 days)

Diabetes is a degenerative disease. It is caused by defective metabolism which is the end-result of a wrong lifestyle. Our treatment is aimed at bringing the disease fully under control without any further medicine, or in some cases, with minimal dosage of medicine. Alongwith this, diabetes-related diseases are also cured. This is accomplished through proper training for the right lifestyle. A notable merit of our treatment is that it does not make any harmful side-effect or after-effect.

Detoxification program (10-30 days)

Diseases are often caused by toxins (foreign matter in the human body). Detoxification program helps to eliminate toxins from the body. This results in preserving basic health and maintaining longevity. A person who undergoes a 10-21 days detoxification program in our hospital is sure to keep away most of the contagious and other diseases of the day.

Rejuvenation program (10-21 days)

Rejuvenation program is good for busy professionals who lead a mechanical life and often happen to be in a polluted environment. It is aimed at an overall servicing of the body. Such a program revitalises the mind and the body. It makes a person cheerful and fit for the strenuous work ahead.

Eye care program (7 days)

The program is intended to relieve the strain and tension of the eye muscles and to strengthen them. As a result, defective vision and allied problems are prevented. Exercises and therapies are very useful in this respect.

Beauty care program (14-45 days)

Naturopathy reduces ageing of the body. It brings back a person to his normal health. Our beauty care program reduces puffiness and tones and helps skin retain moisture. It improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates circulation and removes dead surface cells. The program is useful also for body shaping.

Yoga & Meditation program (14-30 days)

Yoga is one of the main contributions of India to the world. It is a practical tool but not a religious duty. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘yug’ which means, “to join?. It signifies the union of mind and body. Yoga is a means of attaining perfect health of the mind and body by maintaining harmony on both the two levels through complete self-control.

Yoga improves posture, increases the intake of oxygen, and enhances the functioning of the respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive and excretory systems. It makes an equally beneficial effect on the emotions by calming the mind, attuning us to the environment and diminishing problems caused by mental restlessness.

Meditation is a practice that enables one to go beyond the five-senses. It channels the mind in a positive direction. Meditation is a process of rediscovering, enjoying and using the positive qualities already latent within us. It acts as a powerful tonic for the mind.

Meditation is highly recommended for people in competitive, stressful work environments. It also cures behavioral disorder, nervous breakdown and maniacal depression.

Our Yoga cum Meditation program is unique. We offer therapeutic yoga i.e. yoga according to the age and treatment necessities of the patient. Yoga sessions are held twice a day – in the morning and evening. These programs help to regain the basic health, improve the body flexibility, reduce the tension of the nerves, make the muscles strong and calm down the mind.

We here, at Chaithanya Nature Cure Hospital, also offer training in ‘Rajayoga’ and ‘Hathayoga’.


Hypnotherapy is used for minor mental disorders. Mental ailments like depression, fear, marital problems, sexual disabilities in males due to mental reasons, different types of sexual deviations, phobias, manias, poor memory, suicidal tendency, seeing nightmares, somnambulism etc. can be effectively treated using hypnotherapy.

Treatment Techniques

Diet Therapy (including herbal juice)

“Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food?. Food plays a vital role in determining the qualities of man. Diet is the mainstay of naturopathic treatment. Diet is given strong emphasis in our hospital. Satvic food is given to the inmates. The food which increases the liveliness, strength and happiness are termed Satvic.

Satvic food nourishes the body and maintains it in a stable condition. It also purifies the mind, enabling it to function at its maximum potential. It includes cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and honey.

Herbal Oil Massage

Massage Therapy is an excellent form of passive exercise. Massage tones up nervous system, influences respiration and quickens the elimination of poisons and waste materials from the body through the various eliminative organs such as the lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels. It also boosts blood circulation and metabolic processes. It removes facial wrinkles, helps to fill out hollow cheeks and neck and eases stiffness, sore muscles and numbness.

Mostly, massaging is done using herbal oil . If the patient is averse to oil then juice of fruits like orange, egg or powder may be used. We offer Full body massage and Partial body massage for head, face, neck, shoulder, throat, chest, kidney, abdomen, back etc.

Herbal Oil Application

Herbal oil is applied for the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. This oil is specially prepared in our hospital.

Herbal Pack

Herbal pack is used for the treatment of skin diseases and wounds. It is also useful in relieving rheumatic pain.

Mud Therapy

Cooling and cleansing are essential to Naturopathic treatment. In Mud bath, mud is generally used as a paste or in the form of a pack. Usually the clay paste is applied to the

It cools down the affected areas, absorbs toxins from the body, reduces swelling, relaxes tension of muscles and soothes over stimulated nerves and relieves pain. It is especially useful in healing sleeplessness. Frequent mud baths help to improve complexion, clear spots and patches on the skin.

Sun Bath

Sunlight helps the body in synthesizing Vitamin D. It is also capable of improving the immune system. It also increases the iron content in the blood and thus elevates the hemoglobin level in the blood. Infrared rays present in sunlight plays a prime role in healing diseases. Sunlight helps in improving vision. Exposing body to sunlight is ideal in treating all kinds of skin diseases.

Sunbath is usually done before 9’O clock in the morning and after 5’O clock in the evening.

Hydro Therapy

Water makes beneficial effects on the human system. It equalizes circulation, boosts muscles, tones and aids digestion and nutrition. It tones up the activities of sweat glands and in the process eliminates the damaged cells and toxic matter from the system.

The main methods of water treatment which are employed in the healing of various diseases are enema (rectal irrigation by injection of fluid into the rectum), cold compression, heat compression, Hip bath (cold, hot, neutral, alternative), Spinal bath, Full sheet pack, Arm bath, Foot bath (hot and cold), Steam bath, Immersion bath (cold, neutral or hot), Epsom salt bath, Wet pack.

Fasting Therapy

Fasting refers to the complete abstinence from food, for a specific purpose over a short or long period. By depriving the body of food for a time, the organs of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs are given opportunity to expel, unhampered, the overload of accumulated waste from the system. Thus, fasting is the process of purification and an effective and quick method of cure.

Fast begins with the giving up food and ends when one feels hungry whereas starvation begins with feeling of hunger and ends with death. We give complete fast (water only), fruit fast, fruit and vegetable fast, juice fast, short fast, long fast, intermittent fast etc.