Health is wealth

Man in the modern world is busy with his daily routine. He neither has the time to care for his physical health nor the patience to assess the real condition of his health. And suddenly on a busy day, he is shocked to find that he is affected by some acute disease.All his dreams become meaningless and he is compelled to take rest from his busy schedule.

What is really the core problem with the modern man? The problem lies with his wrong lifestyle – improper dietary pattern, lack of physical exercise, lack of proper rest, polluted environment, mental stress etc. Hence, a correction is urgently needed. But how do we make the correction? Most of the modern systems of medicines have proved to be futile in this respect. These systems attempt to find a solution through excessive use of medicines. This in turn harms the patients mainly in three ways: First, the patient is subjected to addiction of these drugs. Second, the patient’s immunity decreases. Finally, he is also exposed to the side-effects of such drugs.

Naturopathy, on the other hand, promotes the right lifestyle for a healthy living. The patient gets healed fundamentally, his body is detoxified and thereby his immunity increases. Thus, Naturopathy is a blessing to the modern man in this busy world! It is an ideal and independent system of medicine as well as a way of life recognized by the World Health Organization, Government of India and many other countries. Nature cure believes that disease is an abnormal condition of the body resulting from the violation of natural laws. It is a constructive method of treatment, which aims at removing the basic cause of disease through the rational use of elements freely available in the nature. Stimulating the vitality of the body is essential to the cure of diseases. This can be achieved by various naturopathic treatments.

The whole philosophy and practice of nature cure is built on the 3 basic principles: