Our Branches


Chaithanya Naturopathy Hospital & Yoga Centre was founded in the year 1990 by Dr. John Mathew with a noble vision of promoting an effective, yet simplistic system of medicine among the masses. Chaithanya is a small hospital located in a serene and pollution-free environment with naturalistic beauty. Admission for in-patient treatment is restricted to 10 patients at a time. This makes it possible for us to give utmost personal care to each and every in-patient.

At Chaithanya, we offer naturopathic and yogic treatment only. No other system of medicine including Ayurveda is followed in our hospital.


Chaithanya naturopathy hospital and yoga center Thadiyoor has started a new branch in Vagamon. This is the first naturopathy hospital at Vagamon.Vagamon is one of the famous and beautiful tourist places in Kerala.We provide detoxification, rejuvenation beauty treatment and therapeutic treatment for different ailments. Vagamon is a calm and beautiful place with misty hills and Green Valley. We believe the power of mother nature please comfort calm and to nature.

Consultation done by Dr. John Mathew and Dr.Ansa .S. Mathew. Treatments are given by experienced therapist. Advanced booking facilities for treatment.